That is an age old question, for over two hundred years American Citizens have been asking themselves this question.  So how do we get so many liberals, crack-pots, conservatives, right and left wing (nuts) into political office?  Well, that quite simply is our own fault.  We were part of one of the greatest Monarchy’s the world ever knew and if you remember your history lessons, our forefathers didn’t like it!  The result, a revolution and the founding of this great nation.  Since our nations founding, our political system has sort of been an experiment in the works, and has been a model for the rest of the world.

    Our right to vote for who we want, and for what they stand for is exactly how we got where we are.  I read a recent article in the local paper by our county clerk, who said we have an upcoming election for city Mayors, Village Presidents, Commissioners, School Board Members, and many other very important local offices.  She also said these elections have historically had a very low turn out.

     Well let me tell you, it is my opinion that is what is wrong with our government.  Americans don’t give a damn what happens.  They are too busy, they have to work two jobs to make ends meet, you might have to wait in line, my one vote isn’t going to matter.  What ever your excuse, if you don’t vote, you can’t blame anyone but yourself for the current state of things.  You can’t blame the President, the Governor, the Mayor, Congressmen, Senators or your local officials, they were elected, by law.  Hell you can’t even blame the citizens who exercised their right to vote, and voted for them.  They at least, voted for someone they believed in.  While you stood by and did nothing!  The system only works when everyone participates in the system.

     So blame yourself, if you didn’t vote.  Blame yourself when your rights are strangled by senseless laws, like gun control.  Blame yourself when you get a ticket for not wearing your seat belt, or talking on your cell phone while driving.  Blame yourself when your tax return isn’t processed due to lay off of government employees at the IRS (sorry, they are calling it a furlough).  Blame yourself when you get charged late fees and interest because your check didn’t get to your creditor because the Post Office closed.  Blame yourself for the state of the school system.

     Blame yourself when the Federal Government shuts down and all those services stop, families are thrust into poverty and the fiber of our nation crumbles away to be replaced by whatever comes next.  Oh, don’t fool yourself, all great nations eventually fall.  Babylonia, Egypt, Greece, Rome even the British Empire isn’t what it once was.

    The real question is this.  Is it our Nations time to fall?  Ask yourself, then do something about it.  You really have three choices.  Vote, run for office yourself, or stand by as you have and do nothing to change things.  But it all starts with you.  Figure out who is running, what the issues are, where you stand, and where the candidates stand.  Every election is important. Local, State and Federal.  Exercise your right to vote, it may be your last right.

Respectfully Submitted,

Anthony R. Kolb