Guns and the Liberal News Media
By Anthony R. Kolb
     Why is it that the news media only talks about the occasional nut job, who takes a gun and kills innocent people?  Hardly ever do you hear about the law abiding gun owners, who safely and lawfully use their guns for protection of their families and property.  Last week, the national news media did break the story of the mother hiding in her attic, who shot the burglars who broke into her home.  But, why was this the only story given the fact that there are numerous news stories across the county every week about law abiding gun owners who lawfully defend themselves and others against criminals and nut jobs.  The only possible answer is that if they did, it would minimize the occasional lunatic who goes into a school, mall, theater or other public place and kills innocent people.  It would also weaken their hidden agenda to institute more gun laws to hinder the lawful users.
    Every month, National Rifle Association reports between 6-10 stories of law abiding gun owners who lawfully shoot someone in defense of their own lives and /or property.  That is between 72-120 stories every year, and this is just from one source.    How come the media never reports the crime statistics for states who have concealed carry laws, and the fact that violent crimes always go down when law abiding citizens are granted the right to carry concealed weapons.  Again, the media has an agenda to support the liberal gun control advocates.  The simple fact is if they report the truth, they can not support their hidden agenda.
     The simple fact is, guns do not cause these tragedies, evil people do.  We had evil people long before we had guns, assault weapons and weapons of mass destruction.  There was Hussein, Bin Ladin,  Mao, Sung, Hitler,  Bundy, Jack the Ripper, and countless other through out history.  Gun control will never stop evil people from doing evil deeds.  The only thing that will stop an evil person, is a good person who does the right thing.  Taking guns away from good people or limiting their access will only make it easier for the evil people, and harder for the good folks.   Evil people and criminals do not abide by laws in the first place.  It is time for every law abiding citizens to take a
stand for their Second Amendment Rights.  I urge you to contact your local, state and federal representatives and urge them to support the right side on this issue, and support our fading Second Amendment Rights.