Being an avid outdoorsman I would never go into the wilds without a few basic. Just this weekend EMS personnel had to deploy I to the Garden of the Gods, State Park when someone fell off the cliffs. It took emergency personnel between 2-3 hours to locate the young man. As wilderness accidents go, this was a quick response and a relatively u eventful rescue. Things could have gone much worse. What if EMS hadn’t been notified? What if they had been unable to find the fallen outdoorsman? What if it were you? As the Boy Scouts of America say, you must, “Be Prepared”!

     Here are a few simple things which will help you.
1. Try never to venture in the wilderness alone.
2. Leave an itinerary with someone back home.
3. Take plenty of water
4. Dress appropriately for the season(s).
5. Take simple survival kit
6. Study survival techniques for the area you plan on trekking through.
7. Practice the techniques you have studied.
8. Study orienteering techniques, do not depend on GPS/cell phones
9. Practice the orienteering techniques.
10. Stay put if possible, and stay calm.

     Hopefully, you will never have to use the skills you practice, but it is far better having them and not needing them vice needing them and not having them. Enjoy your spring and summer.

Respectfully Submitted,